Advent Hollow

Not a fashion post but that will be back in a day or two!
So… I’ve missed rp a lot.
And I’ve bitched about it.  A lot.
For the past few years I’ve looked for a new place to rp since I left the old place due to several factors we won’t get into.
When some people I knew from the old sim decided to revamp their rp sim, I was intrigued… and now that their new sim is open, I had to pop over and check it out.
The build, omfg.  Is so great… it has this fantastic broken down amusement park, (Which I’ve already claimed, MINE) and all these ruins, and buildings… and the story is very well written and usual.  I’ve not seen one quite like it before.
Any and all info is on the website here:
To get the landing zone, click HERE.
I’ve included some pictures.. but seriously, if you want to find an immersive rp, go check it out.
It is new, so be patient.  And it uses the DCS combat system.
And if you have any questions, poke me!

Savvy Quinn











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