Stand by me

So this was a long time in the making (For me at least)
Skip below for credits!
Much like my blog the other day was about Ember, this one is about Jaco.
Jaco and I have a bond, that truly transcends SL.  If we don’t hear from one another in 2 or 3 days, we’re texting, calling on the phone.
Just like Ember, I met Jaco in the same RP sim.  However I met him in character.  He was a very helpful person and his character and mine became friends.  While he was constantly trying to steer her off the dark path she eventually drifted down.  (Then she freaking owned that dark path… because she became an evil evil person) they ended up being super super close.  At one point, he was just as evil as she was.  (We ran around as Thing 1 and Thing 2, causing terror and havoc all over!)
But out of character, we are even closer.  Very much like siblings.  He’s always got my back.  I know, no matter how bad I screw up, the mistakes I make, (And boy do I make them..) he’s going to be there to pick up the pieces.  He won’t fight my battles for me (Unless I am unable to and he has to step in).  He lets me do that.  But he also won’t let someone hurt me if that makes sense.  He has stood up for me, stands up for me.
And if you are on voice with us… and people who have been on voice with us can attest… We are horrid to each other.  We call each other names, we insult each other.  But if anyone else does it… the claws come out.
He’s almost like my other half.  Him and Ember are my Yin and Yang in different ways, and its so great that I have them both.
♥Savvy Quinn♥
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kasimire Hair [Colors] By Truth Hawks @ Epiphany 
Skin: Lara Hurley– Maitreya Skin Appliers by Lara Hurley
Head: LeLutka Mesh Head-KARIN by Jaden Art (JadenArt)
Head Applier:  Lara Hurley Alena Rose Pale by Lara Hurley
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 By Onyx LeShelle
Shirt: Addams // Ronson Shirt // FATPACK by AmaliaRainwood
Skirt: Blueberry – Kyla – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Fat Pack by Blueberryxx
Pose: !bang – sassy by Luna Jubilee de Rodas (luna.jubilee) @ Shiny Shabby

On Jaco: If you want to know, leave a comment or poke me in world (Savannah Porterfield) and I’ll bug him till he tells me 😀


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